Screw Thread Top Sample Vials

Top : Screw Thread
Caliber : 8mm, 9mm
Volume : 2mL, 10mL, 20mL, 40mL
Color : Clear & Amber
Scale : 12 x 32 mm, 22.5 x45 mm, 27.5 x57 mm, 27.5 x95 mm



Description of Screw Thread Sample Vials

Hawach screw thread sample vials have excellent chemical stability, sealing, and corrosion resistance. They are available in both transparent and brown.
The cap has solid and perforated to choose from, which can be divided into blue and black.

The septa use the highest quality materials to ensure its good function, without any possibility of falling into the vial during storage. The septa are made of PTFE and silicone bonded, which have excellent inertness and multiple injection characteristics.

The threaded design of the screw thread vial can make it used as a septum to achieve extremely strong re-tightness, so this sample bottle can also be used as a future storage bottle or used for automatic sample injection, especially suitable for research studies that are critical to the stability

The material of the vials is low extractable Borosilicate glass.

Classified by vials volume, there are 2mL small sample vials. We also supply DN9 mm, DN8 mm top size, and large capacity, such as 10 mL, 20 mL, 40 mL.
In addition, with or without a graduated writing area are available. All Hawach screw thread sample vials can be autoclaved, ideal for autosamplers, OEM service is available.

Advantage of Screw Thread Sample Vials

Blue top: DN9 mm & blacktop: DN8 mm
USP1 and Borosilicate Glass material.
Septa is made of PTFE/ Silicone/ PTFE to ensure excellent core resistance.
Compatible with various autosamplers
Bottom, height, diameter, thickness, and neck/ thread are all manufactured under good quality control.
The consistent quality of each batch and cost-effective
Timely delivery and best service
Small Orders are Acceptable
Available volume: 2mL, 4mL, 10mL, 20mL, 40mL
The customers’ designs can be made upon request.

Features of Screw Thread Sample Vials

2 ml, 12 x 32 mm, DN8 mm, and DN9 mm, the big volume also available
Specially designed packaging box, do not need to worry about bottle damage.
40% larger opening than the standard comparatively narrow opening vials.
Unique thread design ensures a permanent and firm seal
The accurately formed neck can achieve the best manipulator operation
Dimensional consistency from lot-to-lot as the quality is put in the first place


The main application in the automatic sampling device, storage samples, pharmaceutical factory.


Technical Data

Screw Thread Top Sample Vials_Technical Data

Ordering Information

Item #Description
Screw Vials, DN9mm
SVS201C2mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN9mm, Screw top, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS211C2mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN9mm, Screw top, graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS201A2mL Amber vial, 12×32mm, DN9mm, Screw top, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS211A2mL Amber vial, 12×32mm, DN9mm, Screw top graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS201C-22mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN9mm, Screw top
SVS211C-22mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN9mm, Screw top, graduated with writing area
Screw Vials, DN8mm
SVS202C2mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN8mm, Screw top, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS212C2mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN8mm, Screw top, graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS202A2mL Amber vial, 12×32mm, DN8mm, Screw top, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS212A2mL Amber vial, 12×32mm, DN8mm, Screw top graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SVS202C-22mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN8mm, Screw top
SVS212C-22mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, DN8mm, Screw top, graduated with writing area
10ml/20ml/40ml Vial
SLV20C20mL Clear Sample vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H57, First Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV202C20mL Clear Sample Vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H57, Second Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV20A20mL Amber Sample vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H57, First Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV202A20mL Amber Sample Vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H57, Second Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV40C40mL Clear Sample vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H95, First Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV402C40mL Clear Sample Vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H95, Second Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV40A40mL Amber Sample vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H95, First Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV402A40mL Amber Sample Vial, Screw top, D27.5 X H95, Second Class Borosilicate Glass
SLV101M10mL Clear Head Space Vials, D22.5xH45, 100pcs/pk
SLV201M20mL Clear Head Space Vials, D22.5xH75, 100pcs/pk
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