Deep Well Plate

96 well deep well plate can be used for storage, sample injection, and sample treatment. Replacing 1.5ml centrifugal tubes, sterile 96 deep well culture plate can be used as storage block, with advantages of big storage volume, saves space and tidy.




Deep well plates are developed on the basis of standard 96 deep well plate and 384 well plates. With length and width conform to SBS standard, and depth extended so that the volume for each well is increased.

In the sample treatment with volley pipettes and automatic liquid treatment equipment, the application of this products greatly increases the processing efficiency.

2.2ml deep well plate applies to the various automatic injector, which can be used for direct injection after sample treatment once put in the sample storehouse of the injector. In this way, the injection becomes much more simple, compare with those injections with single tubes.

96 deep pores plates and magnetic case

Features of 96 well deep well plate

1. Made of high purity medical PP without heavy metal, which conforms to SBS standard, will not react with samples and no any interference for the applications.
2. Qualified Virgin PP made can resist high temperature and pressure and with less liquid residue.
3. Flat surface on 96 well deep well plate, which ensures steady stacking and good sealing between plates and magnetic bar covers.
4. DNA, RNA, and pyrogen free.
5. 2.2ml deep well plate is fit for multichannel pipettes and automatic equipment.
6. Working temperature of 96 well deep well plate: -80°C to +121°C.
7. Self-adhesive, silica gel, and sealing film to choose for sealing of 96 deep well plate.
8. Sterile 96 deep well culture plate is available for customization at Hawach.


Well quantity96 deep well plate
Bottom typeU shape bottom, V shape bottom
Well shapeRound shape well, square shape well

Technical parameters of 2.2ml deep well plate

PictureModel NO.Descriptionpcs/carton
Deep well plates
DHP-96-UDHP-96-U96 deep well plate with round bottom (U shape bottom) 2.2ML 5pcs*10bags/carton50
DHP-96-VDHP-96-V96 deep well plate with cone bottom (V shape bottom) 2.2ML 5pcs*10bags/carton50

Magnetic bar cover

Magnetic bar cover is always used with 96 well plates in the nucleic acid extraction, which can separate magnetic bar from liquid to increase the service life of magnetic bar.

With magnetic bar cover moving up and down in magnetic bead reagent, the samples will be mixed, compound, cracked, washed and eluted. The movement can also separate the magnetic beads from magnetic beads target material complex.

The magnetic bead and the magnetic bead-target material complex can be released through the separation of the magnetic rod and the magnetic rod sleeve.

PictureModel NO.Descriptionpcs/carton
Magnetic bar cover
MS-96MS-9696 pores magnetic bar cover 10pcs*10bags/carton100
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