C18-Aqueous HPLC Columns

Column: XChroma HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 5μm, 4.0×150mm
Mobile Phase: Methanol/acetonitrile/water=38/38/24
Wavelength: 245nm
Temperature: 30°C
Flow Rate: 1mL/min
Injection Volume: 5μL



Descriptions of C18-Aqueous Liquid Chromatography Columns

C18-Aqueous HPLC Columns can endure 100% aqueous phase samples. With appropriate surface coverage and double end-capped technique, C18-Aqueous liquid chromatography columns have good compatibility with highly aqueous-based mobile phase and can provide a longer column lifetime. The stationary phase was specially made under double end-capped technique make it stable and special used for aqueous-based mobile phase
C18-Aqueous HPLC Columns_2

Advantage of C18 Aqueous HPLC columns

The most widely applied C18-Aqueous HPLC column in the analysis of the food industry
300 Å pore size available for the separation of macromolecular compounds
Highly specific surface area and mechanical strength ensured from high purity silica gel
Double end-capped for excellent peak shape when separation of polar, acidic, and basic compounds
Column peak shape and volume is perfect by spherical silica gel and good stability of batch to batch
Buffer systems, ion pair reagents do not need for analysis of drugs, combined chemicals, and LC-MS applications


Increase column retention for polar and water soluble compounds
Fully end-capped stationary phase offers longer column lifetime
Less retentive than C18 Universal for non-polar compounds
No phase collapse and especially suitable for high aqueous based mobile phase
Excellent column peak shapes for basic and polar compounds ensured by the fully end-capped stationary phase

C18 Aqueous HPLC Columns


Separation of metabolites and bio-molecules
Excellent column efficiency especially for applications of water soluble compounds which cannot be retained on the traditional C18 stationary phase
Drug degradation products Separation such as water-soluble vitamins, small molecules, amino acids, and small molecules of the nucleoside


Ordering Information

Item NoDescriptionPackage (pcs/pk)
SLHC18A32130HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x30mm1
SLHC18A32133HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x33mm1
SLHC18A32150HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x50mm1
SLHC18A32175HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x75mm1
SLHC18A321100HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x100mm1
SLHC18A321125HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x125mm1
SLHC18A321150HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x150mm1
SLHC18A321200HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x200mm1
SLHC18A321250HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 2.1x250mm1
SLHC18A33030HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x30mm1
SLHC18A33050HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x50mm1
SLHC18A33075HPLC Column, C18-Aqueous, 3μm, 120Å, 3.0x75mm1
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