Ion-Exchange PSA SPE Cartridges

As a weak anion exchange sorbent, Ion-Exchange PSA SPE Cartridge can be used as a reverse phase or positive phase cartridge. It can separate strong acids and polyacid compounds from aqueous samples. Moreover, it also can be used as a polar sorbent to separate polar analytes from non-aqueous matrices. Our PSA SPE cartridges are available in a big range of SPE cartridges formats.


Description of Ion-Exchange PSA SPE Cartridges

Adsorbent similar to NH2 SPE cartridges. The PKA values of the two amino groups of PSA are 10.1 and 10.9, respectively. Has stronger ion exchange than amino columns ability. At the same time, PSA SPE cartridges can produce chelation with metal ions for extracting metal ions. Widely used in the processing of plant pesticide residue analysis samples to remove organic acids, pigments, and metal ions.

Advantage of PSA SPE Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge

Medical PP grade cartridge
Greater ion-exchange capacity due to the two amino groups of PSA (pKa 10.1 and 10.9, respectively)
Capable of extracting polar compounds by hydrogen bonding. PSA forms complexes with metal ions, which can retain certain metal ions.
Different cartridge volumes are available.
Customized sizes and options are available.


Separate strong acids and polyacid compounds from aqueous samples
Be used as a polar sorbent to separate polar analytes from non-aqueous matrices

PSA SPE Cartridge

Extracting Strong Acids, Polar Compounds and Metal Ionsal Fluids


Technical Data

Ion-Exchange PSA SPE Cartridges

Ordering Information

Item   No. SpecificationPackage (pcs/pk)
SLSPE1001PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 100mg/1mL100
SLSPE2003PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 200mg/3mL50
SLSPE5003PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 500mg/3mL50
SLSPE5006PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 500mg/6mL30
SLSPE1K6PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 1g/6mL30
SLSPE1K12PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 1g/12mL20
SLSPE2K12PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 2g/12mL20
SLSPE502PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 50mg/2mL/w96w
SLSPE1002PSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 100mg/2mL/w96w
SLSPE100KPSAPSA, 50-75μm, 100Å, 100gbottle
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