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Filter Papers

A filter paper is an effective filter medium and has been widely used in various fields.

The technical indicators of a filter papers can be divided into two aspects: one is the filter characteristics and the other is the physical characteristics. Filtration characteristics include permeability, maximum pore diameter, and average pore diameter. Physical properties include quantification, thickness, stiffness, rupture resistance, resin content, etc.

Types of Filter Papers

There are three kinds of filter papers, which made of different materials with different properties for different purposes. One is an ordinary filter paper for general occasions. Two is a glass fiber filter paper for high-temperature conditions. Three is a polypropylene filter paper for ultra-clean.

Application of Filter Papers

Paint filter papers can effectively filter the paint, oil, glass raw materials, epoxy, tar, liquefaction of workpiece, plastic, ceramic, dye, painting, porcelain. The filtering effect is 99.99%.

High-efficiency filter papers, made of glass fiber, are ideal air filter selection with the characteristics of uniform fiber distribution, large dust capacity, small resistance, and high strength, which are widely used in the defense industry, electronic instruments, medicine, food industry, and other fields.

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