Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Material: high purity borosilicate glass fibers
Completely free of binders or additives
Used: 1. temperatures up to 500°C (932°F)
2. solvents incompatible with cellulose thimbles
3. air and waste gas analysis for collecting solid particles (dust)


Description of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Hawach glass fiber extraction thimbles are made of high purity borosilicate glass fibers. Glass fiber thimbles have the advantages of high-temperature resistance, low weight loss, high capture efficiency, high strength, etc., which can be applied to sample collection of pollution source particles, metal compounds, etc.  Glass soxhlet extraction thimble is often used at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius, and the compatibility of cellulose cartridges cannot meet the requirements. It is widely used in the analysis of air and waste gas to collect solid particles.


High-temperature resistance and efficiency.
Cartridges are made in the cleanroom.
Integrity test available.
Wall thickness consistent ensures precise extraction test results.
All cartridge sizes are here for you to choose from.
Mechanical strength and retention ability are as expected.
Pores are consistent and widely distributed, which ensures fast flow through.
Can be used with all extraction systems available.
The ultra-fine glass fiber glue-free filter cartridge is made of 100% alkali-free glass fiber and processed at high temperatures.
Does not contain adhesives and is chemically inert.
Glass fiber extraction thimbles can collect fine and submicron particles, and the collection efficiency of 0.3μm standard particles is ≥99.95%.


Sizes vary for different needs.
Excellent mechanical strength and retention ability
Uniform high porosity guarantees fast flow through
Can be applied for all available extraction thimbles.


Gravimetric methods for hot environments
Gravimetric methods for acidic gasses
Extraction methods common to biochemical analysis
Separation of aerosol droplets and condensate from gases
Collection of dust particles or aerosols from air and gas flows
Extraction with solvents that are incompatible with cellulose fibers
Monitoring of gas emissions in industrial furnaces

Instruction Drawing



Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles_Features

Ordering Information

Item CodeProduct DescriptionØ×L (mm)Ø1×L1 (mm)R (mm)Wall Thickness
Weight (g)Pcs/pk
SLGET32120SLGET32120 Super-fine Glass Micro-fiber Extraction Thimbles, Without Binder, 32 ID × 120 H,  (pack of 25)32×12029×1812.61.5~2.01.8±0.230
SLGET2590SLGET2590 Super-fine Glass Micro-fiber Extraction Thimbles, 25 ID × 90 H,  (pack of 25)25×9022×139.41.5~2.01.2±0.250
SLGET2870SLGET2870 Super-fine Glass Micro-fiber Extraction Thimbles, 28 ID × 70 H,  (pack of 25)28×7025×10111.5~2.01±0.220
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