Ion-Exchange NH2 SPE Cartridges

Ion-Exchange NH2 SPE Cartridges are silica-based sorbent bonded to the aminopropyl functional group. Ion-Exchange NH2 SPE Cartridges have weaker anion exchanger than Sax, through weak anion exchange (aqueous solution) or polarity adsorption (non-polar organic solution) to reach the effect, therefore has a dual role. NH2 seems like Diol and SI sorbent, good for Isomers.


Description of Ion-Exchange Solid Phase Extraction

Ion exchange NH2 SPE cartridges are used to extract moderately polar or acidic compounds. NH2 performs well in a variety of sample matrices and can be used in food, environment, pharmaceuticals, and other fields.

Advantage of Ion exchange NH2 SPE cartridges

The NH2 (aminopropyl) bonded phase has strong polar adsorption in a non-polar organic solvent and has a weak anion exchange retention.
NH2 is a polar adsorbent for bonding a polar bonded phase aminopropyl. Aminopropy on a high-purity silica gel matrix, and has two mechanisms: hydrogen bonding and anion exchange.
Medical PP Grade cartridge with high chemical compatibility
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Ion-exchange NH2 SPE cartridges typical applications usually for the separation of peptides, drugs, and metabolites in the biological matrix. It also can be used in the extraction of monosaccharides, polysaccharides, steroids, cholesterol. And so on all different applications, it could remove pigment and fatty acids, or remove the sulfonic acid root.


NH2 SPE Cartridges


Technical Data

Ion-Exchange NH2 SPE Cartridges

Ordering Information

Item   No. SpecificationPackage (pcs/pk)
SLSPE1001NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 100mg/1mL100
SLSPE2003NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 200mg/3mL50
SLSPE5003NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 500mg/3mL50
SLSPE5006NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 500mg/6mL30
SLSPE1K6NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 1g/6mL30
SLSPE1K12NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 1g/12mL20
SLSPE2K12NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 2g/12mL20
SLSPE502NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 50mg/2mL/w96w
SLSPE1002NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 100mg/2mL/w96w
SLSPE100NHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 100gbottle
SLSPE1KKNHNH2, 40-75μm, 100Å, 1000gbottle
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