Laboratory Filter Membranes

Filter Membranes we have two types: round disc membrane filters and roll type membrane filter, both of them can be used for filtration and sterilization of liquids, gas, and other samples. Filter Membranes remove all micro-organisms and particles reliably, without any effects on the ingredients during the whole process. The quality of the laboratory membrane filter made of mixed cellulose meets the standard. Membrane filter 0.45 um has a smooth surface, light texture, high porosity, and uniform microporous structure, so polypropylene membrane roll has the characteristics of fast flow rate and is not easy to adsorb.

Different functions of different pore sizes of filter membranes:

a. 0.22μm: It can remove very fine particles in samples and mobile phases; it can meet the requirements of 99.99% sterilization stipulated by GMP or Pharmacopoeia;
b. 0.45μm: it can filter out most bacteria and microorganisms; conventional samples and mobile phase filtration can meet general chromatographic requirements;
c. 1-5μm: it is able to filter larger particles of impurities, or for the pretreatment of difficult to handle turbid solutions, it can be filtered with a 1-5μm filter membrane first, and choose corresponding filter membrane to filter it.

We are available in a broad range of materials such as PTFE, PVDF, Nylon, MCE, CA, PES, GF, PP and etc. So, our PTFE membrane filters, MCE membrane filters, PES membrane filters are ideal choices for filtration. OEM service and customized size are also available.