Vacuum Filtrations Chemistry 

The laboratory’s replaceable filtration chemistry membrane vacuum filtration system is fully equipped, including the basic configuration required for filtration such as suction filter pump, filter cup, filter membrane placement base, collection bottle, connecting pipe, etc., In addition, vacuum filter chemistry is also equipped to prevent mistakes. Operate and improve the efficiency of the use of anti-suction safety buffer bottles and water-blocking protectors, as well as vacuum pumps that can facilitate observation of the working status of the equipment, and control valves that can adjust suction and filtration speed according to actual needs.

The filter manifold is used for liquid filtration. Hawach single solvent filters can be passed through a single sample, solvent filter, and reasonable design. Vacuum filtrations are available in both glass and stainless steel. Vacuum filtrations are equipped with a separate valve that can filter single or multiple samples simultaneously, saving a lot of test time.