Polar-RP HPLC Columns

Column: XChromaTM HPLC Column, Polar-RP, 5μm, 4.6×250mm
Mobile Phase: Buffer Solution/methanol/water=10/5/85
Wavelength: 254nm
Temperature: 35°C
Flow Rte: 1.5ml/min
Injection Volume: 20μL



Description of Polar-RP HPLC columns

The RP HPLC Column of Hawach has a polar functional group, which is close to the phase of improving wettability, thereby reducing the disintegration. The bonding process is used to solve the problem of residual amino groups, and asymmetrical peak shape is obtained by using double end cap technology. Polar-RP HPLC columns also protect the unreactive silanol group, providing extreme peaks and different selectivity for polar and strongly alkaline compounds, rather than the C18 phase.

High performance liquid chromatography principle: on the basis of classical liquid chromatography, the introduction of gas chromatography theory.
HPLC columns technology: using high-efficiency stationary phase, high-pressure pump, high-sensitivity detector.
HPLC columns realization: fast analysis speed, high separation efficiency, automatic operation.

The stationary phase of Polar-RP is phenyl ether-linked, and contains a unique hydrophilic end group, which is specially designed to improve the retention and separation of polar and aromatic compounds. The unique hydrophilic end group and ether-linked Phenyl HPLC column. The selectivity of aromatic compounds can be further improved by adding methanol to the mobile phase. Methanol can promote the π-π interaction between the aromatic ring in the analyte and the phenyl functional group of Polar-RP. This feature not only complements the chemical properties of conventional C18 HPLC columns and improves polarity retention, but also improves peak shape and provides selectivity different from other polar stationary phases.


Double end-capping technology, good chemical stability are guaranteed.
Sample size and pore size are uniforms to ensure well flow rate.
Peak shape and peak volume are under the normal standard.
High chemical inertness, durability, and reproducibility are ensured.
Can separate fast with a reasonable separation pressure.
The influence of raw material silicone is minimized.
Strong interaction with the silica gel surface while separating leads to an excellent separation effect of the compound.
Wide range of pH with long service life.
Applied with most HPLC instruments.


Using ultra-pure silica gel as the matrix
Double end-capping technology to ensure excellent symmetry peak
Polar-RP HPLC columns pH range: 1.5-10.0 Use 100% water for flow phase
The properties of strong polarity and alkaline structure have good retention and peak symmetry

Polar-RP HPLC Columns

Applications of Polar-RP HPLC columns

Determination of the contents of puerarin, daidzin, and daidzein in roots stems and leaves of Pueraria lobata.


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