Pipette and Pipette Tips

The Hawach micropipette is a type of pipette, which is often used for the pipetting of small or trace liquids in the laboratory. The specifications are different. The pipettes of different specifications use different sizes of pipette tips, and the colors of the pipette tips of different sizes are slightly different. But the working principle and method of use are basically the same. The pipette gun is a precision instrument, so be careful when using and storing it to prevent damage and avoid affecting its range. The pipette and tip system can meet daily pipetting needs. Combining years of experience and innovative technology makes the pipetting system improve accuracy and precision, so as to provide you with consistent, repeatable results. Hawach pipettes and tips have demonstrated excellent work efficiency and ergonomic experience in applications in thousands of laboratories around the world.

The pipette is a precision instrument that removes a small amount of liquid. Our other related products include pipette stand and pipette tips. Pipettes include electronic pipette and mechanical pipette, pipette stand include linear stand and round stand. Pipette tips are divided into advanced pipette tips, standard pipettes, and advanced filter pipette tips. All our products guarantee the high accuracy, easy operation and are the best choice for customers. As a pipette supplier, we provide the entire series of pipettes and tips products fully meet your needs, allowing you to easily cope with any application challenges.