Activated Carbon Syringe Filters

Diameter: 50 mm
Pore Size: 5.0 μm
Inlet: Stepped barb
Outlet: Stepped barb
Housing: Medical PP
Maximum Pressure: 5.2bar
Operate temperature: 60°C


Description of Activated Carbon Syringe Filters

The activated carbon syringe filters are made of acid-washed, high-purity activated carbon for high efficiency and can be used in High-Efficiency Particulate Air(HEPA) filters, feature high throughput and no release of harmful substances.

Activated carbon syringe filters have a strong adsorption capacity and are designed to adsorb organic vapors, chlorine, decolorizing liquids, and a variety of heavy metals. They are widely used in gas filtration and sterile ventilation.

Designed for samples with high particle content, colorless polypropylene shell, the pre-filter layer is composed of PP or GF, the pre-filter layer eliminates sample contaminants, even samples that are difficult to filter have lower operating pressure. The filtration capacity is 3-7 times that of the ordinary syringe filter.


ISO9001, CE double recognition, Test Report available
Manufactured in a Class 100,000 cleanroom
100% optical integrity test
Ultrasonic welding ensures no contaminant to samples

Features of Activated Carbon Syringe Filters

Inner diameter: 50 mm
out diameter: 60 mm
Available pore size: 5 μm
Widest range of chemical compatibility
Stepped barb inlet and outlet suitable for hose connection
Extremely pure filter and heat fusion welding with extremely low extractable levels
Activated carbon fiber component acts as the adsorbent medium for chlorine, organics, color, and several heavy metals


Particularly suitable for the adsorption of organic vapors, chlorine, decolorizing liquids, and several heavy metals.

Technical Data

Activated Carbon Syringe Filters_Technical Data

Ordering Information

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