Electronic Control Digital Pipettes

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Description of Electronic Control Digital Pipettes

The Hawach Electronic Control Digital Pipettes are high precision, fully autoclavable air displacement pipettes. The Epipette is light weight and very simple to operate for both the right and left hand. The Epipette is made from chemically resistant materials that provide consistent performance and long service life. It is designed through ergonomics to minimize the fatigue of fingers. The unique padding minimizes the transfer of body heat to the pipette, which assures consistency and accuracy.

The Epipette is self-calibration by connecting to a computer through a USB cable, no 3rd party involves in, which reduces the maintenance cost for the users. The single-channel adjustable electric pipette has four models ranging from 0.5μL to 1000μL. A comprehensive selection of electric digital pipettes (including models with adjustable tip spacing) not only automates daily pipetting tasks but also improves work efficiency.


Electric pipette, rechargeable lithium battery, wide range.
Ultra-light design, streamlined shape, ergonomics.
The large LCD screen is located in the body of the gun, completely reducing the operation and display mode of the manual pipette, in line with the laboratory teacher’s operating habits.
With the combination knob design, all operations can be completed by the combination knob, easy to operate.
The aspiration and drainage speeds are adjustable.
High precision and accuracy ensure the accuracy and parallelism of pipetting.


Electronic Control Digital Pipettes_Specifications


Single Channel Electronic Control Digital Pipettes

Ordering Information

Electronic Pipette-Epipette
Item codeProduct nameVolumeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLEPSA01Electronic Epipette Pipette0.5-10μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA02Electronic Epipette PipetteCn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz11
SLEPSA03Electronic Epipette PipetteEuro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA04Electronic Epipette PipetteUK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA05Electronic Epipette Pipette5-50μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA06Electronic Epipette PipetteCn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA07Electronic Epipette PipetteEuro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA08Electronic Epipette PipetteUK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA09Electronic Epipette Pipette30-300μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA10Electronic Epipette PipetteCn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA11Electronic Epipette PipetteEuro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA12Electronic Epipette PipetteUK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA13Electronic Epipette Pipette100-1000μlUSA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA14Electronic Epipette PipetteCn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA15Electronic Epipette PipetteEuro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
SLEPSA16Electronic Epipette PipetteUK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz1
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