Irregular C18 Flash Columns

Irregular C18 Flash Columns from Hawach produced with medical grade PP cartridge and no extractable PE frits and packed with ultra-pure, high-quality bonded silica.




Irregular c18 flash columns use ultra-pure silica gel and unique bonding technology to bond the octadecyl group on the surface of the silica gel.

Advantage of Irregular C18 Flash Columns

Column available in a wide range of specifications
Favorable substitute available for preparative HPLC
Meet a variety of needs for specific purifications
The wide range of specifications for different purifications needs satisfying
Compatible used with most of the flash chromatography systems, such as Biotage, Yamazen, and  ISCO, etc


Imported and domestic irregular C18 both in supply
Medical grade PP column ensure wide compatibility with most chemical solvents
High purity PE frit ensure mobile phase pass through without corrosion
Strong retention ability for the non-polar compound


Be ideally used for non-polar compound separation

Irregular C18 Columns

Ordering Information

40–63µm, 60Å
Column Specification Surface Area: 500m²/g
Average Pore Size: 60Å
Average Particle Size: 40-63μm
Carbon Content: 17%

Item No. DescriptionFlow Rate  (mL/min)Sample SizeMax. Pressure (psi/bar)Package(pcs/pk)
SLC18IR40004PF40-63μm, 60Å, 5.9g10-205.9mg-118mg300/212
SLC18IR40012PF40-63μm, 60Å, 23g15-3023mg-0.46g300/211
SLC18IR40025PF40-63μm, 60Å, 38g15-3038mg-0.76g300/211
SLC18IR40040PF40-63μm, 60Å, 55g20-4055mg-1.1g300/211
SLC18IR40080PF40-63μm, 60Å, 122g30-60122mg-2.5g300/211
SLC18IR40120PF40-63μm, 60Å, 180g40-80180mg-3.6g300/211
SLC18IR40220PF40-63μm, 60Å, 340g50-100340mg-6.8g250/171
SLC18IR40330PF40-63μm, 60Å, 475g50-100475mg-9.5g250/171

20–45 µm, 100Å
Column Specification Surface Area: 320m2/g
Average Pore Size: 100Å
Average Particle Size: 20-45μm
Carbon Content: 17%

Item   No. DescriptionFlow Rate  (mL/min)Sample SizeMax. Pressure (psi/bar)Package(pcs/pk)
SLC18IR20004PF20-45μm, 100Å, 5.4g5-155.4mg-104mg300/212
SLC18IR20012PF20-45μm, 100Å, 20g10-2520mg-0.4g300/211
SLC18IR20025PF20-45μm, 100Å, 33g10-2533mg-0.66g300/211
SLC18IR20040PF20-45μm, 100Å, 48g15-3048mg-0.96g300/211
SLC18IR20080PF20-45μm, 100Å, 105g20-50105mg-2.1g300/211
SLC18IR20120PF20-45μm, 100Å, 155g30-60155mg-3.1g300/211
SLC18IR20220PF20-45μm, 100Å, 290g40-80295mg-5.9g250/171
SLC18IR20330PF20-45μm, 100Å, 420g40-80420mg-8.4g250/171

Depuflash Series Irregular C18 Columns

Ordering Information

Item   No. DescriptionPackage(pcs/pk)
SLC18IR20004DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 4g20
SLC18IR20012DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 12g18
SLC18IR20025DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 25g12
SLC18IR20040DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 40g10
SLC18IR20080DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 80g10
SLC18IR20120DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 120g10
SLC18IR20220DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 220g6
SLC18IR20330DFIrregular C18, 40-63μm, 330g4
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