Spherical CN Flash Columns

Pore Size: ​100Å
Particle Size: 20μm-45μm
Carbon Content: 5.5%
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%
Cloumn Specification Surface Area: 320m²/g




Description of Spherical CN Flash Columns

The CN Flash Column from Hawach Scientific is packed with a bonded cyano functional group on an ultra purity silica substrate. The polarity is between silicone gel and C18. Spherical CN Flash Columns can be usually used for both normal and reversed phase flash separation.

Compared with traditional reversed-phase C18, C8 chromatography columns, the CN flash chromatography column has weaker hydrophobicity. For some compounds that are strongly retained on C18 and C8 columns, the rapidity separation can be achieved without adjusting the organic phase ratio. CN column has multiple retention mechanisms: the cyano group on its surface will have a strong dipole-dipole interaction with polar compounds, while the propyl chain will provide a hydrophobic effect, giving it unique selectivity and broadening. The scope of chromatographic applications.

Advantage of CN Flash Chromatography Column

Good compatibility with most flash systems.
Cartridge available for 4g, 12g, 25g, 40g, 80g, 120g, 220g, 330g, 1600g, 3000g etc
Medical PP grade tube provided high compatibility and flexibility and free leakage
The column with standard Luer-Lock end fittings with perfect compatibility with most of the flash system
Ultra-pure and high-efficiency bonded silica with CN stationary phase
A column with the tight particle size distribution
Multiple pore sizes and sample sizes for varieties of applications need
Highly compatible with most of the flash chromatography system


Ultrapure normal phase silica basic column
Standard Luer connection
Superior compatibility with most flash systems.
Medical PP cartridge ensures excellent compatibility to solvents
Super clean PE frit ensure mobile phase pass through without extractable
Spin-welded and allow the column for the higher pressure of up to 400 psi.
The cartridge maximum operating pressure is 200psi


Ideally used for separation of normal and reversed phase flash chromatography

Technical Data

Spherical CN Flash Columns_Technical Data
Spherical CN Columns

Ordering Information

Item   No. DescriptionFlow Rate  (mL/min)Sample SizeMax. Pressure (psi/bar)Package(pcs/pk)
SLCN20004PF20–45µm, 100Å, 5.4g5–155.4mg–108mg300/212
SLCN20012PF20–45µm, 100Å, 20g10–2520mg–0.20g1
SLCN20025PF20–45µm, 100Å, 33g10–2533mg–0.66g1
SLCN20040PF20–45µm, 100Å, 48g15–3048mg–0.96g1
SLCN20080PF20–45µm, 100Å, 105g20–50105mg–2.1g1
SLCN20120PF20–45µm, 100Å, 155g30–60155mg–3.1g1
SLCN20220PF20–45µm, 100Å, 300g40–80300mg–6.0g250/171
SLCN20330PF20–45µm, 100Å, 420g40–80420mg–8.4g1
Depuflash Series Spherical CN Columns

Ordering Information

Item   No. DescriptionPackage(pcs/pk)
SLCNSP20004DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 4g20
SLCNSP20012DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 12g18
SLCNSP20025DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 25g12
SLCNSP20040DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 40g10
SLCNSP20080DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 80g
SLCNSP20120DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 120g
SLCNSP20220DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 220g6
SLCNSP20330DFSpherical CN, 20-40μm, 330g4
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