Headspace Vials

10 ml, 22.5*50 mm, 20 mL, 27.5*70 mm, DM18
Material: USP1, Borosilicate Glass
Store volatile samples to prevent sample evaporation
High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance



Description of Headspace Vials

The material of headspace vials is low extractable Borosilicate glass with low expansion rate, high-temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance, and high chemical stability, Suitable for analysis of volatile solids and gases.

The headspace sample vials series strictly controls the mouth of the bottle to improve the tightness, and the precision-shaped bottleneck improves the processing capacity of the autosampler. Standard GC and HPLC sample bottles can be used for autosampler and sample storage. The flat-bottomed small sample vials are suitable for downward movement when the instrument is running. The flat-bottomed bottle has a large contact area with the liner and has a tighter seal.

Advantage of Headspace Vials

Selection of 10mL and 20mL.
Beveled top for the maximum level of seal security.
Available in flat or rounded bottom designs.
Optional pressure and safety release cap, suitable for pressure above 45 psi.
The high-performance septa are designed for temperatures up to 300°C.

Features of Headspace Sample Vials

10ml,22.5ⅹ50mm,20ml,27.5ⅹ70mm, DM18
Material: USP1, Borosilicate Glass
Box packaged to minimize sample bottle damage.
Manufactured under strict quality, which ensures dimensional consistency from lot-to-lot
Suitable for headspace analysis of volatile solids and gases.
Store volatile samples to prevent sample evaporation
High-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance


Mainly used in gas chromatography analysis for headspace analysis.

Ordering Information

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