Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns

The Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns from Hawach Scientific made from high purity silica gel sorbents as stationary phase makes high column efficiency





Normal phase flash silica gel column chromatography has SiO4 tetrahedron structure and active hydrophilic surface. The water molecules interact with the exposed surface through hydrogen bonds to form acidic silica gel. Porous properties and silanol functional groups make silica gel an economical chromatographic separation material, which can separate weakly polar compounds, and a mobile phase with a weaker polarity is required.

Advantage of Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns

Filter packing material is of high purity to guarantee high separation efficiency.
Excellent column back pressure with higher efficiency
Column structure ensured no leakage
The polypropylene cartridge and joint to tolerate the column pressure for fast flash chromatography
PE Frits with pore size selectivity for customer use
The particle size is narrow and with a high bulk density

Features of Normal Phase Flash Silica Gel Column Chromatography

Ultra-pure standard silica gel ( 40-63μm, 60Å )
The packing material used ultra-pure silica, the silica was specially washed by acid and DI water
The particle size is narrow and the water content under well controlled.
Normal Phase Flash Column Specification Surface Area: 500㎡/g


Separation of general compounds

Technical Data

Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns

Ordering Information

Item  No. DescriptionFlow Rate  (mL/min)Sample SizeMax. Pressure (psi/bar)Package(pcs/pk)
SLSTS4000440-63μm, 60Å, 4g15–404mg-0.4g200/1420
SLSTS4001240-63μm, 60Å, 12g30-6012mg-1.2g200/1418
SLSTS4002540-63μm, 60Å, 25g30-6025mg-2.5g200/1412
SLSTS4004040-63μm, 60Å, 40g40-7040mg-4.0g200/1412
SLSTS4008040-63μm, 60Å, 80g50-10080mg-8.0g200/1410
SLSTS4012040-63μm, 60Å, 120g60-150120mg-12.0g200/1410
SLSTS4022040-63μm, 60Å, 220g80-220220mg-22.0g150/106
SLSTS4033040-63μm, 60Å, 330g80-220330mg-33.00g150/105
SLSTS4080040-63μm, 60Å, 800g100-300800mg-80.0g100/73
SLSTS4160040-63μm, 60Å, 1600g200-5001.6g-160g100/72
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