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C30 HPLC Columns

1. Polymeric C30 alkyl chains
2. Very lipophilic
3. Exceptional selectivity pattern for geometric isomers



Description of C30 HPLC Columns

C30 HPLC Columns from Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd with long chain has excellent lipophilic and hydrophobic effects and has many biological functions, such as prevention of cancer and treatment functions. The C30 phase is more hydrophobic and retaining when compared to traditional C18 solid phases. Especially many sample solvents are able to retain even when the pure organic eluent was applied


Full range of column size available for different customer need
Guaranteed reproducibility and column efficiency from batch to batch
Average particle size & pore size makes a better flow rate
Bear wide range of pH value and with long column service life

C30 HPLC Columns


High lipophilic, polymeric C30 alkyl chains
C30 HPLC Column exceptional selectivity pattern for geometric isomers
Reversed-phase columns(C30) for the separation of hydrophobic Structural Isomers

Application of C30 HPLC Columns

Separation of vitamin-soluble substances
Separation of polar carotenes, geometric isomers, polar and nonpolar xanthophylls
Separation of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K and E, etc), steroids, retinol, etc.
Separation of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid, carotenoids; all-trans astaxanthin

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