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When You Purchase Pipettes

What do you need to consider when you are purchasing pipettes? Of course, first of all, we consider the performance of the products and its durability. Then we consider the ergonomic design. Today we are going to talk about several important points when you purchase pipettes.

Products performance:
Products performance means accuracy and repeatability, which is very difficult for customers to test. In that case, you need to judge according to the technical data and refer to the written material from the manufacturers.

Advanced Half Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Advanced Fully Autoclave 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes

It depends on the material of the products. The housing should have impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and low thermal conductivity. There are different kinds of a piston made of stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. Of course, better material, higher price. So you need to make an overall consideration.

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