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When Quality Really Matters, Choose Hawach!

Filter paper of high quality is an essential tool for daily applications in the laboratory. The success of any filtration depends upon the correct choice of filter paper. With the combination of two important features: retention and flow rate, Hawach is always trying to solve your filtration challenges, and we are proud of offering a full range of filter papers, quantitative and qualitative filter papers for your need. Hawach can provide different products to meet exact customers requirements.

Hawach offers top quality, ash-free (ash content <0.01%), 100% cotton fiber linter filters designed especially for quantitative analysis. Using science to create solutions, each product is uniquely designed to solve a particular filtering challenge. Hawach offer ash free filters with multiple diameters, thicknesses, particle retentions, and filtration rates, from fast to slow.

According to the different filtration speed, our qualitative filter papers are available for a wide range of different needs and applications too. With a large variety of different paper grades, and the low ash content(0,06 – 0,15 %), Hawach has standard qualitative filter papers and wet-strengthened qualitative filter papers to be chosen.

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