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What Will Hawach Scientific Bring to You?

Hawach’s name by Chinese means “the Cambrian”, also the Cambrian explosion. Here means we will keep on the way to become century enterprises and do better solutions for our clients, we also take responsibility for protecting the reputation of the goods “made in China”
For the customer, we do not only want to supply them goods but also be partners who offer stable service and long-run customer value creation.

In the previous decade, we only focus on producing and OEM service to the global market. The quality and production come better and better, mean time, we start to do some advertisement and expansion sales amount by our own brand for better image promotion.

Now, Hawach will keep all previous advantage and bring more solutions for our customers. The related industries will be at micro-porous filtration, industrial filtration, laboratory equipment, medical equipment and instruments, the chromatography consumables and purification, life science, biological solutions, etc.

Please be free to contact us at info@hawach.com for any new inquiry or cooperation purpose.

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