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What Kinds Of Sample Vials Are Suitable For Your Lab Experiment?

Hawach sample vials are widely used in many different fields, including food safety, environmental monitoring, quality inspection, commodity inspection, disease control, scientific research, and many other key industries and fields.

Hawach is home to two kinds of sample vials – transparent and brown. It is suitable for most automatic samplers. Brown is suitable for the preservation of all sample compounds in the laboratory. The size of the bottleneck is accurate, ensuring accurate picking by the autosampler.

Types of the sample vial
From the bottleneck, there are jaw cap vials, threaded cap vials, and bayonet vials. The jaw cap bottle is inexpensive but requires a jaw tool and the cap cannot be reused; the threaded cap sample vial can be reused and is not volatile.

Sample vials can be glass or plastic containers used to hold or store small amounts of liquids or solids. Form the shape and specific usage, the sample vials can be divided into the wild-mouth bottles, narrow-mouth bottles, rectangular bottles, square bottle, dropping the bottle and special purpose bottles, like the mason bottle, dilution bottle, fluorinated bottle and vacuum durable bottle.

1. Extremely high inertness: The inert nature of the HAWACH sample vial reduces analyte peak differences and ensures confidence in your results.
2. Consistent performance: HAWACH sample vials have consistent performance for each product in each batch, saving you more time to troubleshoot and rerun samples.
3. Analytical Certificates: HAWACH sample vials are equipped with analytical certificates to ensure that these vials will work even in the most demanding environments.
4. Designed to match a wide range of caps: HAWACH sample vials can be used with your existing 2 ml autosampler caps for added convenience in your inventory management.
5. Fewer septa problems: HAWACH continues to improve the septum to actively reduce leach, break, stick, push, hard and absorb problems.
6. Swift delivery: Our distribution centers ensure your order arrives in your lab asap.

Crimp Top Sample Vials
Clear Screw Thread Top Sample Vials With Caps
Clear Screw Thread Top Sample Vials & Caps for HPLC

Sample vials for storage
The Sample vials for storage need to have excellent chemical stability, sealing and corrosion resistance and are available in both colorless and brown. The lid can be a solid lid and a perforated lid, which is divided into black and white.

The product will be designed and manufactured to full compliance with US EPA requirements. The pad uses high-quality materials to ensure its good function, ensuring that it does not fall into the vial during storage. The storage series’ caps are made from high-quality polypropylene, combining innovation with convenience.

The chemically inert cap produced by this method combines the septum and the plastic lid at the molecular level to avoid excessive evaporation and maintain proper sealing of the sample vial.

Choice of the sample vial
With the rapid development of materials separation, computer, precision machining, machinery manufacturing, automation and other technologies, sample processing technology is also constantly enriched and innovative, and there are some differences in the selection of sample vials.

The choice of sample vials is based on the solvents.
Glass – general purpose and acid-resistant;
Brown bottle – for light-sensitive samples;
Silanization/deactivation – for samples and trace analysis that is easily bonded to the walls of glass bottles;
Polypropylene – for use in alcohol samples or water-soluble solvents;
Micro-lining tube – for very small injection volumes;
High yield – for limited sample volume.

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