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What Kinds Of Lab Experimental Consumables Can HAWACH Provide?

HAWACH is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of lad products to meet your experiment requirement. With many years of professional experience in the lab field and 100,000 clean workshop and ISO9001 certificate, HAWACH aims to provide high-quality products with the best service and best price to its customers.

Main products
Its main business covers bottle-top dispenser, pipette, QuEChERS related products, flash column, HPLC column, SPE cartridge, syringe filter, filter cartridge (including, filter bag, filter capsule, filter housing), membrane filter, extraction thimble, filter paper, and vacuum filtration. HAWACH products are the ones used in the QuEChERS method, including the extraction box (salt bag and 50ml centrifuge tube) and the purification box. SPE cartridge is usually used in laboratory small sample pretreatment, with 1ml, 3ml, 6ml and 12ml at choice.

Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet 0.45 Nylon Membrane Filters for Lab

1. Extraction thimble
HAWACH mainly produces cellulose extraction thimbles, used in general Soxhlet extraction and glass fiber extraction thimbles, used when cellulose cartridges cannot be tried, like with a temperature higher than 120℃, strong acids, etc.

Generally, in a glass container below, it places the substance to be extracted, and the solution is repeatedly immersed to extract the required components from the substance (such as extracting pesticide residues from pepper). This experimental process is called Soxhlet extract. The extraction thimble also plays an important role in collecting particulate matter such as haze in the atmosphere. It is used with the haze collection device.

2. Syringe filter
In HPLC analysis, the chromatographic column packing has a small particle size and is easily clogged with foreign particles, so samples and solvents need to be filtered in advance to remove particulate contaminants and protect the instrument. The ion chromatography commonly used in the environmental analysis also requires that no inorganic pollutants be introduced into the sample pretreatment. We usually use it in HPLC analysis and IC analysis. Filtering the sample solution is an important step in the sample pretreatment process. The filter is available in the material of Nylon, MCE, CA, CN, PES, PVDF, PTFE, PP, Glass Fiber, with pore size ranging from 0.1μm to 10μm, which had been widely used in such industries as pharmacy, chemistry, bioscience, microelectronics, food & beverage, etc.

3. Vacuum filtration
HAWACH vacuum filtration device can replace the circulating water vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pumps. It requires no special working medium, without friction in the working part. The vacuum index can be adjusted according to experimental requirements. All parts in contact with the gas are made of rubber material, which has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion. The valve disc is made of high-quality materials, with branded motors. The transmission mechanism has a reasonable design, reliable operation, small size, lightweight, convenient movement, and space-saving.

4. QuEChERS products
HAWACH products are the things used in the QuEChERS method, including extraction boxes and purification boxes. Extraction box includes salt pack and 50ml centrifuge tube. The purification box is filled with the adsorbent directly in a 2ml, 15ml centrifuge tube. Another type of product is a set, that is, an extraction box + a purification box, by which the customer can do the whole set of experiments.

In addition to the above products, Hawach also supplies pipette, bottle-top dispenser, filter paper, membrane, SPE/FLASH/HPLC columns and so on. Welcome to visit www.hawach.com to learn more.

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