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What is the Difference for Our Three Series of Pipette?

We special produce 3 series of pipette and sales to the global market.
Standard series
Advanced series
Advanced plus series

The standard adjustable pipette only have half autoclavable (121 ℃) for choice, made from ABS757 housing and PVDF tip cone. The advanced series is for half autoclavable and Advanced plus series is for fully autoclavable. The fully autoclavable one made from PC housing and tips cones.

Price leveling is the same as function, the standard, the lowest. The advanced series the higher compared to standard. But all price level is favorable when compared with the world famous brand. (Eg, Eppendorf, GILSON, BRAND etc.)

  Series sterilization Material Size Market
1 Standard Semi-autoclavable Housing: ABS757 ,PVDF Tip cone For general analysis Asia mostly
2 Advanced Semi-autoclavable Housing: ABS757, PVDF Tip cone, more durable Better Chemical resistance than standard. Global market
3 Advanced Pipette Plus Fully-autoclavable


PC, PVDF Tip cone, more durable

Used for the higher requirement of the sterile environment. Global market
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