Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

No.: SLSSF03001
Branch: 6-branch
Funnel Size: 300mL
Funnel: SS316L
Support Screen: SS316L
Screen Pore Size: 100μm
Connection: Stopper SS316L
Flask : 1000mL


Description of Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Hawach stainless steel six-branches vacuum filtration is a new type of solution filtration device used in chemical laboratories; one sample of large amounts can be filtered simultaneously in the six branches, which greatly improves the efficiency of experimental work.

This type of vacuum filtration is widely used in chemical analysis, instrument analysis, health inspection, pharmaceutical industry, biological products and pesticides, petroleum, environmental monitoring, tap water, sewage bacteria, and other aspects of liquid filtration.

Advantage of SS Filtration Assembly

The low-height design of the six-unit ss filtration assembly is suitable for operation on the aseptic workbench.
Funnel with cover, air filter can be installed in the central vent hole to avoid secondary pollution in suction filtration.
There is a built-in scale inside the funnel, which is convenient for quantitative sample addition.
Sintered stainless steel filter membrane support net to ensure uniform distribution of trapped microorganisms on the surface of the filter membrane.
Individual control valve, convenient to operate several filtration processes at the same time.
Stable low center of gravity design to make sure no falling over during the filtering process.
Using 316L stainless steel material, good corrosion resistance, and can be sterilized at high temperature.


Reasonable structure, easy cleaning, and operating
Test one sample with high effectiveness.
3/6-branch glass/ stainless steel
47mm or 50mm diameter membrane
Acid resistance, alkali resistance, and fast filtering speed for 316L version
Can work under 180°C – 200°C high temperature
Individual control valve, convenient to operate several samples filtration at the same time
Suggest together with SLVPGM050B


Continuous filtration
Microbiological fluids removal and particle analysis
Filtration of biological solutions (proteins)


Technical Data

Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations_Technical Data

Ordering Information

DescriptionPart No.Pcs/pack
Multiple vacuum filtration system – 6 branches stainless steelSLSSF030011
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