Stainless Steel One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations

No. : SLOSF03001
Branch : One-branch
Funnel Size : 300mL
Funnel : SS316L
Support Screen : SS316L
Screen Pore Size : 100μm
Connection : Stopper SS316L
Flask : 1000mL


Description of Stainless Steel One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations

Stainless steel one-branch vacuum filtrations from Hawach is made of 316L stainless steel, which has the advantages of anti-acid alkali, fast filtration sample, easy to clean and to operate, and so on.

Since each of its filter holders has a separate control valve, one vacuum pump is enough to support single or multiple simultaneous operations.
The all-stainless steel single-cable bracket can be filtered at high temperatures. Stainless steel one-branch vacuum filtrations can be widely used in chemical, biochemical pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food, and other fields.

Use 316L standard stainless steel vacuum filtrations, not easy to damage, durable. 316L standard stainless steel vacuum filtrations are integrated design, unique stainless steel filter membrane fixture, one-handed operation, is easy to take and place the filter membrane. One branch vacuum filtrations easy to clean and sterilize, autoclave sterilization (121℃ or 134℃), dry heat sterilization (180℃), the flame burning sterilization or soaking in alcohol.


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for glass filtration and disproportionate pipe.
It is possible to test the samples efficiently.
The material is stainless steel SS316L


Membrane diameter includes 47mm and 50mm
Acid and alkali resistance and fast filtering speed.
Suggest together with SLVPGM050B vacuum pump


Chemical analysis
Biological solutions (proteins)
Microbiological fluids removal and particle analysis
Sanitation inspection
Environmental testing
Water quality analysis
Food, beverage, scientific research


Technical Data

Technical Data

Ordering Information

DescriptionPart No.Pcs/pack
Multiple vacuum filtration system – one branch stainless steelSLOSF030011
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