Glass Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

No.: SLSGF03001
Branch: 6-branches
Funnel Size : 300mL
Funnel Valve: Glass
Support Screen: PTFE
Screen Pore Size: 20μm
Connection: Ground Joint
Collection Bottle : 1000mL


Description of Glass Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Hawach glass six-branches vacuum filtrations are mainly composed of a glass filter cup, high borosilicate filter head, 316L stainless steel filter stand, stainless steel valve, a special clip, a vacuum system, and other parts. This glass filtration is made of high-quality silicate and can withstand heat and pressure sterilization. The flange mouth all are precision flat grinding, good adhesion performance, reasonable structure, smooth surface, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, easy to use, and durable.

With extremely hard glass material as its body, this vacuum filtration can work under 180 to 200 degrees centigrade. A separate valve allows the six-branches vacuum filtration filter a large amount of sample at the same time, saving a lot of test time, with high efficiency and high performance. Glass six-branches vacuum filtrations are common equipment used by colleges, scientific research units, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, environmental protection, and other units to filter bacteria, microorganisms, particles, and water suspended solids such as culture media, blood products, and liquid medicines. Hawach accepts a small number of orders.

Advantage of Glass Filtration

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for glass filtration and disproportionate pipe
Glass filtration can be to test the sample efficiently
High-temperature resistance can be sterilized at a high temperature


The membrane with a diameter of 47 millimeters or 50 millimeters.
The body can work at 180 to 200 degrees centigrade.
With an independent control valve, easy to operate multiple samples while filtering.
It is recommended to match the SLVPGM050B standard diaphragm vacuum pump


Continuous filtration
Microbiological fluids removal and particle analysis
Filtration of biological solutions (proteins)


Technical Data

Glass Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations_Technical Data

Ordering Information

DescriptionPart No.Pcs/pack
Multiple vacuum filtration system- 6 branches glassSLSGF030011
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