Glass One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations

No.: SLOGF03001
Branch: One-branch
Funnel Size : 300mL
Funnel Valve: Glass
Support Screen: PTFE
Screen Pore Size: 20μm
Connection: Ground Joint
Collection Bottle : 1000mL


Description of Glass One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations

The glass one-branch vacuum filtrations provided by Hawach is a reasonable structure, beautiful shape, integrated filter, separation valve, single sample of the filter, good quality, convenient operation. the size of glass one-branch vacuum filtrations accords with international standards.

The single vacuum filtration system connects the standard diaphragm vacuum pump and the filter bottle group through the pump tube. Glass vacuum filter is basic equipment for laboratory users to carry out sample solid-liquid separation, intercept bacteria, microorganisms, or particulate matter, clarify filtrate, sterilize and remove impurities and other purposes.

Advantage of Glass Vacuum Filter

High-quality glass material, no bubble, uniform wall thickness
Glass vacuum filter has good pressure resistance and can be used for autoclaving under high temperatures and pressure
Size specifications meet international standards
Small order acceptable


47mm or 50mm diameter membrane
Can be worked under 180°C – 280°C high temperature
Suggest match with SLVPGM030A vacuum pump


Widely used in chemical analysis, biochemical pharmacy, sanitation inspection, environmental testing, water quality analysis, food, beverage, scientific research, etc.


Technical Data

Glass One-Branch Vacuum Filtrations_Technical Data

Ordering Information

DescriptionPart No.Pcs/pack
Multiple vacuum filtration system – one branch glassSLOGF030011
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