500mL Glass Solvent Filters

No.: SLGSF05002
Branch: Single
Funnel Size : 500mL
Funnel Valve: Glass
Support Screen: Pyrex glass
Screen Pore Size: 10μm
Connection: Ground Joint
Collection Bottle : 2000mL


Description of Vacuum Filtration Device

The sand core 500mL glass solvent vacuum filtration device is a cost-effective large-capacity vacuum filtration device. The solvent filter system uses a plug-in and usable standard diaphragm vacuum pumps, with a 500mL vacuum filter bottle set, which can meet most laboratories The need for filtering. Larger filter bottle capacity can reduce the number of times customers process filter bottle filtrate and improve efficiency.

Hawach 500ml glass solvent vacuum filtration devices are mainly used for microbiology, chemical analysis, and other processes to collect particles from the fluid. 500ml glass solvent filters adopt special hard high-quality glass material with good pressure resistance, which can be used for high temperature and high-pressure sterilization.


Membrane diameter: 47mm
Support screen: Pyrex
Ground Joint
Working under 121°C high temperature;
Good pressure and pressure resistance: it can be used for high temperature and high-pressure sterilization

Features of 500mL Vacuum Filtration Device

Equipped with high quality extra hard glass
International standard size, 500mL/2000mL
Excellent fitting with the vacuum pump
The whole set can be used for sterilization at high temperature and high pressure


Mainly used in filtration of HPLC mobile phase. To guarantee the cleaning of mobile phase and avoid blockage of HPLC liquid flow path and so on.


Technical Data

500ml Glass Solvent Filters_Technical Data

Ordering Information

DescriptionPart No.Pcs/pack
500mL Glass Solvent FilterSLGSF050021
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