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Vacuum Filtrations

Vacuum filtrations are based on the principle that oil and water vaporization temperature is different (water vaporization temperature is lower than oil vaporization temperature) under the same pressure.

Vacuum filtrations are a kind of paper filter equipment with the features of a high degree of automation and high precision, filter precision up to 10 microns.

Application of vacuum filtration – a vacuum oil filter

It relates to a continuous filtration operation for dewatering sludge, which is generally completed in a cylindrical rotary filter. The filter media can be natural fabric, synthetic fiber products or wire mesh. Usually, in order to make the vacuum oil filter to achieve good processing capacity, it is necessary to adjust the wet sludge.

Matters needing the attention of vacuum filtration

Before any maintenance or overhaul of the vacuum filtrations system, the pressure in the system must be released and the power cut off! High pressure can lead to heavy casualties!

When vacuum filtration system is working, it is not allowed to be close to or step on the scraper, or enter the box, which is controlled by the program time and may start suddenly, if involved, it may seriously damage personal safety.

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