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Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Operation Process

Vacuum filtration manufactured in Hawach Scientific has better experience in laboratory tests due to the elimination of chemical and mechanical pretreatment, and the ratios of filtration areas are extraordinarily improved. It can ensure an accurate and professional test work under realistic conditions with advanced design and superior performance.

Through thousands of times tests, Hawach’s vacuum filtration can stand quality test. Hawach will work with you to select the best system components and accessories for your application. Hawach promises to tailor all vacuum filtration apparatuses to fit the specific needs of application.

HAWACH vacuum filtration components

Glass multiple connections: glass filter cup, high borosilicate filter head, stainless steel filter holder 316L, stainless steel valve, aluminum alloy clip, dust cover, rubber plug.
Stainless steel multiple connections: all stainless steel filter cup 316L, stainless steel filter head 316L, stainless steel Filter bracket 316L, stainless steel valve, aluminum alloy clip, dust cover, rubber plug.
Solvent filter: triangular liquid bottle (1L) sand filter, filter cup (300ml), fixing clip, dust cover, hose, hose linker.

Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
Stainless Steel 6-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Vacuum filtration apparatus

In order to speed up the gravity filtration, we apply a vacuum during the filtration process. Water aspirator is adopted to suck air by fitting on a water faucet and using a fast stream of water through the sidearm of a side-arm (or filter) flask.

Because of the strong suction, a special Funnel (Buchner Funnel) will be used to support the filter paper, or it may breakthrough. Between the flask and the aspirator, there is a safety trap connected to prevent the possible back up of water from the aspirator contaminating the filtrate. The quick-release of the vacuum is due to the clamp on the trap. Tape the flask in case of glass shattering.

Performance of Vacuum Filtration

Hawach vacuum filtration is suitable for chemical analysis, sanitation inspection, environmental testing, and water quality analysis. It is designed to boost productivity and save the organization money by doubling and tripling service life. Cooling and lubricating fluid life can be extended, chip disposal has been streamlined and smooth of the surface is dramatically improved.

Hawach vacuum filtration also pays attention to simplify operation, reduce machine maintenance, and shorten tool-changing ratio. All materials used for vacuum filtration is of uniform wall thickness, excellent fitting with the vacuum pump, and good leak-proof ability.

Glass Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations

Hawach vacuum filtration classification

The vacuum filtration from HAWACH can be divided into a suction filter and vacuum pump. While the suction filter can be glass with the option of single-channel and muti-collection(1.3.6) or stainless steel with muti-collection(1.3.6). The vacuum pump has two series, with NBR and PTFE membrane and the others.

Here is the process of vacuum filtration:
1. Connect the flask to an aspirator.
2. Put the funnel on the flask by a filter-vac to form a seal.
3. Moisten the paper with solvent.
4. Keep the water on.
5. The mixture to be filtered is then decanted into the funnel.
6. Open the clamp on the trap to release the vacuum.
7. Please keep in mind release the vacuum first and then shut off the water

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