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To Know More About HAWACH Filter Cartridge Classifications

As we know, the filter cartridges are able to capture and retain particles in water purification and filtration systems with filter media. Home to a wide range of options, HAWACH will meet your filtration needs. All of them are under strict and complete testing before leaving the factory to ensure stable performance.

HAWACH filter cartridge can be divided into membrane pleated filter, microfiber pleated filter, metal filter cartridge, big and small pleated filter, and others. Today’ s focus will be the first kind of cartridges.

Details on the metal filter cartridge

The metal filter cartridge is of the same excellent performance as other filter products supplied by Hawach Scientific. In specific applications, there are available in stainless steel filter cartridge and titanium alloy filter cartridge. Both of them feature high strength, good filtration accuracy, high temperature, and corrosion resistance.

A stainless steel type has a better sealing performance for its special welding technology. The titanium alloy type is made in 100,000 class cleaning rooms, no worry in contamination or pollution, and all products are under ISO 9001 standard quality system, quality warranty is provided.

Additional tips for filter cartridge

To better meet the customer, Hawach supplies other kinds of filter cartridges such as mesh pleated type, melt-blown type, big pleated type, and small pleated types and so on. Mesh pleated filter cartridge is of big circulation and low-pressure differential, no adhesive whatsoever, no outer skeleton of small pollution, it can be used for low-pressure liquid and gas pre-filtration.

The small pleated types are suitable for a variety of types of code spraying machines, and the big pleated filter cartridge can be used in a wide range of removal ratings. More information on products can be obtained by communication. Contact us immediately.

Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridges
Melt-blown Filter Cartridges (MBPP)

The function of the filter cartridge

Hawach provides various filter cartridges that have different properties based on manufactured materials. Microfiber pleated filter cartridge is fit for precision filtration, and can greatly absorb residue particles in the fluid while maintaining physical interception function. This kind of filter cartridge has strong adsorption capacities for all kinds of organics and residue chlorine. No harmful substances will be precipitated in the operation and cause no media shedding and medical pollutants.

Membrane pleated filter cartridge is of small size, large filtration area, fast velocity, and good filtering precision, it is fit for many industrial or chemical fields with excellent chemical compatibility.

Specifications of filter cartridge

Filter cartridge supplied by Hawach is the best choice for the customer to purchase for the pre-filtration or guard filtration before critical filtration. Reasons are as follows, for pleated filter cartridge, it has a large filtering area, low differential pressure, and long service life. Besides, the pore size distribution is uniform and contaminant retention is large, the excellent hot-melt welding technology brings no leakage, no secondary pollution, and no impurities can enter into the fluid during the whole process.

Membrane pleated filter cartridge

The membrane pleated filter is different with different materials. The PES ones include a single-layer membrane, double layer membrane, and other special types. The PTFE can be hydrophobic and hydrophilic. So does the PVDF filter cartridge. PN(Nylon66) has a better filtration effect than Nylon6. MCE is mainly used in the biopharmaceutical field. To avoid the crack caused by welding is the feature of the single-piece construction pleated filter cartridge. PP filter cartridge includes three main types, PP ordinary membrane, ultra-fine single layer membrane, and ultra-fine double membrane.

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