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To Know More About Hawach And Vacuum Filtration

HAWACH and its core principles

HAWACH focus to become the BEST they can revolve around its 4 CORE PRINCIPLES. They are TRUST, ANTICIPATE, KNOWLEDGE and CUSTOMER FIRST.
Trust means an unwavering commitment to our customers and colleagues to provide the best value of products and services in the industry.

Anticipate: we keep customer’s needs in mind and make them complete satisfaction.

Knowledge: its commitment to acquire knowledge of its products through training, continuing education and best practice sharing.
Customer-first is to make customer experiences the best possible interaction each and every time.

Vacuum filtration
Filtration is a technique used to separate a solid from a liquid and is used in many experiments. Though filtration can be done simply with gravity, more often vacuum filtration is employed because it is much faster. HAWACH is home to two different kinds of vacuum filtration: vacuum device (including glass and stainless steel) and vacuum pump.

Stainless Steel Six-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
Stainless Steel Three-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
3-Branches Vacuum Filtrations
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