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Three Advantages Of SPE Columns

Hawach’s SPE series of solid phase extraction products are produced according to strict quality control standards. Determination of surface characteristics such as pore size, pore volume, specific surface area and carbon loading of raw materials and semi-finished fillers. Iwate, the substitution of clean production textile contaminant levels, flow rate measurement under constant elution conditions, accurate weighing of packed packing.

A series of high-standard quality assurance measures ensure the quality of Hawach’s SPE series of solid phase extraction products. The performance of separation and extraction is good, and the recovery rate is relatively high and constant.

The SPE column is based on unbonded active irregular silica gel (silica gel based) particles. The main interaction is a polar interaction (such as a hydrogen bond). Since the silanol group can be ionized, it can be used as a weak cation exchanger in the medium pH range.

Advantages of SPE column introduced

● Anti-cross-contamination, anti-atomization vacuum tank design
● Can be equipped with the large-capacity sampler, fast concentrating and drying device, batch processing sample
● SPE cartridge is stable in quality, high in the sample recovery rate and good in precision

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