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The Maintenance Of Bottle-top Dispenser

The specific steps are as follows:
1. Clean the glass cylinder.
2. Empty and unscrew the separator from the bottle, and lift the separator upward until the drain pipe leaves the liquid level but is still in the bottle-top dispenser.
3. Touch the inner wall of the bottle carefully to make the reagent return to the bottle.
4. Repeatedly press the piston to drain the residual liquid back into the bottle-top dispenser.
5. Place the separator on another bottle with a proper amount of purified water and rinse the separator.
6. Empty the bottle, rinse the bottle, fill it with purified water and repeat the steps.
7. Drain the separator and unscrew the piston seat (A).
8. Carefully remove the sediment from the glass cylinder wall with a rag, and clean the piston and cylinder with purified water.
9. Insert the piston vertically into the cylinder and tighten the piston seat.
10. Clean/replace drain/intake valves.
11. Unscrew the intake/discharge pipe.
12. Use installation tools to unscrew drain/intake valves, remove valves and sealing gaskets. Do not leave sealing gaskets in valves.
13. Rinse drain and inlet valves in purified water and clean them with a soft brush.

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