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The Main Type and Selection of Syringe Filter Materials

Syringe filter could be mainly divided into two types which are hydrophobic and hydrophilic respectively. It is a good way to encode according to the colour of the filter shell so that filter material could be easily recognised and the unnecessary laboratory mistakes could be avoided. Nylon thin membrane is the cheapest and most harshness-tolerant chemical for the normal filtration. The other popular material is PTFE that is also segmented into two types- hydrophobicity and hydrophile. There are some normal filter materials, such as PTFE Hydrophobic membrane, Hydrophilic PTFE membrane, PES Hydrophilic membrane, CA Hydrophilic membrane, PVDF Hydrophobic membrane, Hydrophilic MCE membrane, Glass microfiber Hydrophilic materials and so on.

When choosing the filter material, some instructions should be followed. First of all, the sample you are filtering should be compatible with the filter material. Then, it should be consistent with the filtration test. Then, the selection of filtration material should be conformed with S.O.P. of the proceeding test. Finally, the material could use the minimum pressure to filter most of the samples.

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