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The Instructions For Membrane Filter Operation

(1)Before use, the pore size of the membrane filter must be selected accurately according to the need, and the material to be filtered must be larger than the pore size of the membrane.

(2)Before use, they should be cleaned, i.e. soaked in distilled water at 70-80 degrees for 4 hours or in distilled water at room temperature for 12 hours.

(3)When there are more particles and bacteria in the filtrate, they should be pre-filtered, i.e. filtered with pre-filter medium or large pore size filter membrane filter first, so as to avoid too fast blockage.

(4)Disinfection: Usually the membrane filter is not disinfected before leaving the factory, so it needs to be sterilized before use. Hot-pressure sterilization, i.e. steam sterilization at 121 C for 30 minutes, is usually used.

When sterilizing by hot-pressing, it is necessary to avoid the direct one-way rush of steam on the film and to prevent the back of the film from being damaged by negative pressure caused by steam condensation. The air bubble method is used to test whether the seal is tight and the filter membrane is damaged due to improper disinfection.

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