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The importance of lubricating oil for vacuum pumps

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The vacuum diaphragm pump is designed according to the principle of volume pump. When the motor drives the connecting rod to move up and down, it drives the diaphragm to open and close, changes the volume of the diaphragm chamber, changes the pressure of the medium, and achieves inhalation and discharge.

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy, the vacuum pump-related downstream application industry has maintained a rapid growth momentum. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of vacuum pump application fields and other factors, the vacuum pump industry has achieved sustained and steady development.

Vacuum pump oil

The vacuum pump is one kind of vacuum filtration in HAWACH, in addition to the vacuum device. We’ve been discussed the advantages of the HAWACH vacuum pump before, like high work efficiency, long service life, and easy & safe operation, so today’s focus is on the maintenance of the vacuum pumps, especially its lubricating oil.

In the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump oil not only acts as a medium for obtaining vacuum but also lubricates, cools and seals the mechanical friction points. As the vacuum pump requires high vacuum, paraffin-based narrow-cut lubricating oil is generally used. For diffusion vacuum pump, silicone oil or other synthetic oil with low vapor pressure can be used.

SLVPGM050B-T Vacuum Pump
SLVPGM100A Standard Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps
SLVPGM050B Standard Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps

Vacuum pump oil requirement

The internal volume of the vacuum pump chamber is constantly changing to form an exhausting action, and the lubricating oil should have suitable viscosity and viscosity-temperature.

The vacuum pump is continuously developing at a high speed. Due to the high-speed friction between the sliding piece and the pump body, the oil temperature is increased, and the oil is easily oxidized and decomposed. In particular, the diffusion pump is often operated under a high-temperature environment, so that the vapor pressure in the system rises. The degree of vacuum is lowered, so the vacuum pump oil is required to have good thermal oxidation stability.

If the vacuum pump draws in corrosive gas, it will chemically react with the oil and corrode the parts inside the pump. The inhaled air often contains water vapor condensate, which causes the vacuum pump oil to emulsify and corrodes the metal. Therefore, it is required to have good corrosion resistance and emulsification resistance.

It is mainly required that the vacuum pump does not carry light components, so as not to affect the saturated vapor pressure of the oil. The ultimate pressure is an important performance indicator for vacuum pump oil to understand the ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump at the lowest vacuum limit pressure.

SLVPGM050A Standard Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps
SLVPGM050A-T Standard Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps
SLVPGM033A-T Standard Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps

Core technology:

Teflon composite diaphragm has excellent corrosion resistance.
It can improve the fatigue resistance and prolong the service life of diaphragm effectively, and there is no oil mist pollution problem.
Compared with rubber diaphragm, it is superior in airtightness, corrosion resistance, and strength.

Main features and advantages:

1)Resistance to reinforcement chemical corrosion;
2)pollution-free and maintenance-free;
3)Low noise and vibration;
4)Over heat protection


1.Rotating evaporation;
2.Vacuum drying;
3.Vacuum distillation
4.Solid phase extraction


1.Speed of Evacuation, 120 (L/min)
2.Ultimate Pressure Vacuum, ≥0.08Mpa 200mbar
3.Voltage Rating, 220Vac/50Hz or 110Vac/60Hz
4.Motor Power, 300W
5.Pump Head, 2
6.Dimensions (LxBxH) (mm), 390×150×250
7.Weight (Kgs), 20Kg
8.Noise Level (DB), <60
9.The temperature of working Environment, 7 – 40℃

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