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The Differences Between The Filter Bag And The Extraction Thimble

The side of filter-bag where the filtrate comes out is dealt with special singeing treatment, which not only prevents the fibers from staying away from the polluted filtrate effectively but also avoids shortening the service life of the filter-bags caused by the excessive blockage of the filter holes that results in traditional roll pressing treatment.

Hawach filter bag is suitable for filtering general industrial liquids such as electroplating E, D paint, ink, paint, food, and other chemical medicinal liquids. And the bags are acid-resistant, alkali-resistant fibers which have high mechanical strength and can be used repeatedly. The filter bag applied to dust remover has excellent stability and heat resistance, which can represent the highest performance in the filter material industry. It is also the best kind of common filter materials. It has high filtration efficiency and accuracy. The commonly used filter materials are PE, PP, PTFE, PMIA, NMO, etc.

Hawach extraction thimble is a kind of cylindrical element used for filtering, which is generally used to filter gas medium and liquid medium. Compared with the filter-bag, the extraction thimble has some advantages. The extraction thimble occupies less space and is easy to clear. The extraction thimble has a longer life and lower cost.

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