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The Cleaning Methods Of Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum Filtration is a common instrument in the laboratory. This paper briefly introduces the cleaning method of sand core filter bottle in vacuum filtration. Sand core filter bottle is an important part of laboratory filtration, and many customers often encounter cleaning problems when using sand core filter bottle.

Conventional cleaning methods mainly include the following:

Soak in acidic solvents: The advantage of this method is that the particulate matter blocked in the filter gasket can be melted, but the discoloration of the filter gasket can not be effectively improved. And the effect of cleaning is uncertain.

High-pressure water gun flushing: Through strong water pressure, the particulate matter blocked in the filter element can be washed out, but this method is effective for Jiangwei.

Ultrasound cleaning machine cleaning: is also a physical cleaning method, the effect is better than high-pressure water gun cleaning, but for color contaminated filter element has no effect. At the same time, customers need to purchase the equipment.

In summary, all kinds of methods of cleaning filter element have certain limitations. Once the filter element is polluted, no matter how to clean it, it can not restore the performance of the factory.

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