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The Classification of Filter Cartridge

PP filter cartridge
PP filter element is also called PP melt-blown filter cartridge. The melt-blown filter cartridge is made of polypropylene superfine fibers entangled by hot melt. The fibers randomly form a three-dimensional micro-pore structure in space. The dimension pore size is gradient distribution along the flow direction of the filtrate. It integrates surface, deep layer and fine filtration, and can intercept impurities of different particle sizes. The accuracy of filter cartridge ranges from 0.5 to 100 um, and its flux is more than 1.5 times of that of peak room filter cartridge with the same accuracy. It can be equipped with different types of end cap joints to meet the needs of various engineering installation.

Wire-wound filter cartridge
It is refined from textile fiber yarn with good filtration performance by precisely winding on a porous skeleton. Its yarn materials are polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, degreased cotton fiber and so on. By controlling the tightness and density of the yarn during winding, filter cartridge of water purifiers with different precision can be made, which can effectively remove suspended solids and particulate impurities of various liquids, and has a high purification effect on various liquids.

Folding microporous filter cartridge
Folding microporous filter cartridge is made of polypropylene thermal spray fiber membrane and Nylon, PTFE microporous filter membrane. It has the advantages of small size, large filtration area, and high precision. Hot-melt bonding is used for sealing the end cap of filter cartridge and connecting the whole structure. The filter cartridge joints are three types commonly used in the world: 222 joints, 226 joints, and flat joints.
Filter cartridge Using RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane
NASA has spent billions of dollars on research for many years, with the support of the government, by bringing together scientists from many countries. The principle of reverse osmosis is to exert more pressure on one side of raw water than on the other side of natural osmosis pressure, so that water molecules can reverse osmosis from the high side to the low side. Because the pore size of reverse osmosis membranes is much smaller than that of case viruses and bacteria, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, solid solubles, contaminated organic matter, calcium and magnesium ions cannot pass through reverse osmosis membranes at all, so as to achieve the purpose of water quality softening and purification.

Activated carbon filter cartridge
There are two kinds of activated carbon filter products: compressed activated carbon filter and bulk activated carbon filter.
1. Compressed activated carbon filter cartridge uses coal-based activated carbon with high adsorption value and coconut shell activated carbon as filter material, and is sintered and compressed with food-grade adhesives. Both inside and outside of the compressed activated carbon filter cartridge are wrapped with a layer of non-woven fabric with filtering function, which ensures that the carbon core itself will not fall off the carbon powder. Soft NBR gaskets are installed at both ends of the carbon filter cartridge, so that the carbon core can be loaded into the filter cartridge with good sealing performance.
2. Bulk activated carbon filter cartridge loads the required activated carbon particles into the special plastic shell, and welds the end cap on both ends of the shell with welding equipment. The two ends of the shell are respectively put into the non-woven filter cartridge which plays a filtering role to ensure that the carbon core will not drop carbon powder and black water in use. According to the needs of customers, shell end cover can be made into different types of connection.

Ceramic Filter Cartridge
The ceramic filter cartridge is made of pure natural physical material, so it will not produce secondary pollution in the process of using a water purifier. At the same time, it will retain all kinds of minerals in the water, effectively remove mud, sand, bacteria, rust, never clogging, long service life, excellent filtering effect and so on, unlike the ceramic filter cartridge sample of water purifier. At the same time, it will retain beneficial minerals in the water, effectively remove mud, sand, bacteria, rust, never clogging, long service life and excellent filtering effect. It is not afraid of blockage and can adapt to very bad water quality. At present, the ceramic filter cartridge with the highest filtration accuracy in the world is the ceramic filter cartridge with double control membranes, with an average pore size of 0.1 um.

Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge
The stainless steel filter cartridge has good filtration performance, and can play a uniform surface filtration performance with 2-200 micron filtration particle size. The main filter material is made of multi-layer stainless steel sintered mesh with filtering accuracy of 0.5-200 micron. Its shape and size can be processed according to user’s requirements.

Resin Filter Cartridge
Resin is a porous, insoluble exchange material. When the resin is in a new state, these charge exchange positions are occupied by positively charged sodium ions. When calcium and magnesium pass through the resin storage tank, they contact the resin beads and replace sodium ions from the exchange position. Resin preferentially binds cations with strong charges. Calcium and magnesium ions have stronger charges than sodium ions. Instead of sodium cations, the water softener flows downward through the resin “bed” so that the water softener delivers “soft” water.

Folding Titanium Rod filter Cartridge
Titanium rod filter cartridge has excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, high strength, easy to ensure filtering accuracy, easy regeneration and so on. Titanium filter cartridge is made of titanium powder by forming and sintering at high temperature, so the surface particles are not easy to fall off. The service temperature in the air can reach 500 ~ 600 C. Therefore, folded titanium rod filter is suitable for the filtration of various corrosive media, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydroxide, seawater, aqua regia and chloride solutions such as iron, copper, and sodium.

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