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The Application Of Syringe Filters

Syringe filter is suitable for filtering a small number of samples in the laboratory because of its low adsorbability. The low adsorbability ensures a large amount of recovery of small or high-value samples. The shell of the filter will not pollute the samples. It has stable quality and good reproducibility in the filtration. And it can be used in medicine, biochemistry, microelectronics and environmental protection industries.

Syringe filter has been widely used in the laboratory. One of the most reasons is that the experimenter does not need to change the membrane for the syringe filters or clean it, which saves a lot of time. Thus it is mainly used in the filtration of the mobile phase or the samples in the chromatographic analysis, and also in the pre-filtration, the sterilization and filtration of clarified particles, liquids and gases.

The experimenters usually use the syringe filter head for sample filtration, which has two types. One is the economic and practical type that can be changed, and the other is disposable. The main indicators of the syringe filters are its filter aperture, sealing, and small resistance design. It should have not only scientific and reasonable filter channel design, but also shells with strong chemical stability.

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