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The Advantages of Liquid Filter Bag

The liquid filter bag is one of the most important parts of the filter, and it is also the key element during the filtration process. The liquid filter bag is also called the heart of the filter because it decides the filtration effect to a great extent.

On a whole, except multiple material choices, a complete range of specifications and can be used repeatedly, the liquid filter bag has many other advantages which can meet the requirements pointedly in every field.

Firstly, the filter bag is manufactured by high-speed industrial sewing machine which adopts cooling of silicone oil-free, so that there will not produce any silicone oil pollution.

Secondly, the seams of liquid filter bags are flat and with no needle eyes, which means the situation of side leakage will not happen.

Thirdly, the labels which specify the specifications and models on the liquid filter bags are all easy to be removed, so we can prevent the labels and printing ink from polluting the filtrate during the use.

Moreover, the filter fineness of the liquid filter bags with the materials of polyester, polypropylene, and nylon, are ranging from 0.5 micrometers to 300 micrometers.

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