Disposable PES Syringe Filters

The WINSTAR series of Disposable PES Syringe Filters have high throughput when using a small filter to sterilize or clarify a viscous protein solution because of its low binding properties. Ideal for tissue culture work and dissolution testing procedures, recommended for ion chromatography.



Description of Disposable PES Micron Syringe Filters

Disposable PES micron syringe filters have strong hydrophilicity, narrow pore distribution, and precise pore size, low protein adsorption has good permeability, no pollution to the sample, small resistance, fast filtration speed, and good resistance chemical; 0.45 um PES syringe filter has a very good effect on the filtration and clarification of samples.

The PES membrane filters, filter media of Disposable PES Syringe Filter, supplied by Hawach are modified to have high flow rate, throughput, and temperature resistance. It can effectively remove particulate matter and is suitable for use in medicine, wastewater treatment, and drinking water purification.

In the application of membrane separation technology, microporous membrane is the most widely used membrane variety. It is simple and fast to use and is widely applied in many fields such as scientific research, food testing, chemical industry, nanotechnology, energy, and environmental protection.

Features of 0.22 0.45 um PES Syringe Filter

0.22 and 0.45 μm pore sizes offered.
High flow rate and throughput;
Inherent hydrophilicity;
Not easy to protein binding, low membrane fouling;
The product undergoes a 100% integrity test before leaving the factory;
Good high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance;
The color-coded design makes identification easier

Chemical compatibility

Not compatible:
Protein based aqueous solution sample
Concentrated acid, methyl chloride, chloroform, hexane, acetone, MEK, THF, DMSO
Acid, ketone, ester, halogen, or aromatic hydrocarbon.

Technical Data

Ordering Information

Item CodePore Size(μm)Diameter(mm)SterileQuantity/pk
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