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Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge

The swimming pool filter cartridge is used to filter material with polyester fiber cloth. It has durable performance. Filter media, center rod and end cover are glued together as a whole to ensure better sealing of the end cover. Because it is a folding design, it provides a larger filter area, longer filter life and less filter core than other filter cores. The new times, which reduce the cost of filtration, is an economic filtering product from the viewpoint of industrial value.

High flux medium has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure loss and long life.
O- ring ensures the reliability of the filter.
It can withstand the working pressure difference of 0.24 MPa.
Folding surface design makes the pressure drop of high flow filter core lower and longer service life than others.
The filter shell can be equipped with a plurality of filter cartridge, which can be used for a wide range of flow, and can be used both in start-up and in continuous operation.
The filter cartridge is durable, and it can also configure filters at least and most economically.

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