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The Source And Control Of Pollution In Sampling

Source of Pollution
Potential sources of pollution include the following:
1. Pollution from the previous sample which remained in the sample vial.
2. Pollution from the sampling position.
3. Pollution from water remained on the sampling rope.
4. Pollution from the sample vial itself.
5. Pollution from the vial cap and vial neck by dust and water.
6. Pollution from laboratory workers’ hands, gloves, and improper operation.
7. Pollution from waste gas emissions inside the sampling equipment.
8. Pollution from impurities in the fixing agent.

Control of Pollution
The frequently-used measures to control pollution in sampling include the following:
1. Keep the sample vials far away from pollution to ensure high-quality data analysis.
2. Avoid churning the waters in sampling position.
3. Thoroughly clean the sample vials and equipment.
4. Store the sample vials in a safe place to prevent vial caps and vial corks from being polluted.
5. Scrub and dry the sampling ropes after sampling, and store them afterward.
6. It is quite important to avoid touching samples by hands and gloves in the sampling of microorganism.
7. After sampling, check if there are big particles inside each sample. Resampling if necessary.

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