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SLE Cartridge-Supported Liquid Extraction

The SLE Cartridge (Supported Liquid Extraction) manufactured from Hawach Scientific is a sample preparation methodology with features of high efficiency, economy. There only need 2 step protocol (Sample Loading| Elution) when the analytes needed to be extracted from aqueous based samples.

The multi-porous diatomaceous earth which is with high surface area and lower chemical reaction were packed as stationary phase for the SLE in SLE extraction. The aqueous based sample passes through diatomaceous earth beads when sample loading, it can forming a thin membrane via adsorb and capillary action. When Elution, the organic phase which incompatible with water will flow through surface of aqueous phase then forming and aqueous-organic interface. The analytes partition with very high efficiency between these two phases.

Hawach SLE Cartridge Features:
Shorten extraction time and simplified process
Excellent reproducibility and higher recovery rate
Parallel manipulation and automation will be easy
Reducing cost by lessen the amount of organic solvent
Unnecessary for vigorous shaking and no emulsion formation exist

Hawach SLE Cartridge Application:
SLE is widely used in environmental protection, food safety, forensic science clinical diagnosis, and material inspection area
It can be used for the parabens determination in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs
It can be used in the analysis of drug metabolites in biological fluids

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