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Similarities And Differences Between Flash Column And SPE

Something in Common
There are a lot of similarities between the two products. Besides the separation principle and sorbent(stationary phase), other specific features like filter particle, filter shape, separation efficiency, aim and using sector also possible similar characteristics.

Filter Particle Comparatively bigger than HPLC column, around 10- 60um
Filter Shape Unrequested and irregular
Separation Efficiency Super low(less than 50%)
Aim Extraction or concentration of target substance in the sample
Using Sector Sample pretreatment

Although flash column and SPE all make sense in sample pretreatment, SPE belongs to high performance which requires certain apparatus to use with. During the operation, the above joint is usually as a gas or liquid inlet to accelerate sample separation process.

What is more, SPE mostly utilizes the gravity to flow down or a solid phase extraction device to speed up the separation. However, flash is mainly applied to organic synthesis and industry, while SPE shows up more in small amounts of samples in the lab.

For respective advantages, as for flash column, one of the most evident advantages is expediting purification and synthesis. SPE notably provides positive effects on the industry, which drops the cost and increase productivity.

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