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Several Attentions about Using and Maintaining Chromatographic Columns

It is important for the experimenters to use and maintain chromatographic columns correctly. They should focus on many some things so as to protect the columns in the using process. Here we talk about several attentions.

Avoid changing pressure and temperature dramatically and any mechanical vibration. Sudden changes in temperature affect the filling conditions in the columns. And sudden changes of column pressure may loosen the fillers. Consequently, people should adjust the flow rate of the fillers slowly to protect the fillers.

Change the composition of the solvents gradually. The experimenters should change the composition of the solvents gradually, especially in the reversed-phase chromatography.

Do not backwash the columns. Generally speaking, chromatographic columns cannot be back washed. But, if the manufacturer specifies the columns can be back washed, the experimenters can remove the impurities through backwashing.

Choose a suitable mobile phase. The suitable mobile phase is chosen to avoid the destruction of the stationary phase. Sometimes it is a better way to install a pre-column which has the same substrate and little impact on the reaction, where the mobile phase will be pre-reacted before entering the analysis column.

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