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PTFE Microfiltration Membrane

A PTFE microfiltration membrane uses special technology to compound e-PTFE microfiltration membrane on various substrates (such as polyester felt, PET, PP non-woven fabric, etc.). The coated material not only maintains the inherent high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, resisting small particles, but also has incomparable air permeability, water resistance and other characteristics.

A PTFE microfiltration membrane is a new “breathable membrane filter” and the best filter material for removing bacteria and dust, because of the following features: high air permeability, low resistance, good filtration efficiency, large dust capacity and high dust stripping rate.
Can not only filter microparticles and isolate bacteria but also maintain high filtration efficiency and low circulation resistance.
Can be made into a variety of filter bags, filters cartridges and syringe filters, widely used for the treatment and recovery of smoke and dust particles in cement, metallurgy, food, coating, petrochemical plastic and other industrial fields.
Absolutely no toxicity at room temperature but at high temperatures they emit toxic gases (around 280 degrees).

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